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Photos from the Drupal Conference in San Francisco, CA 2010

Saturday, Sep 09, 2009

Zappos gave me an idea….

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About a year ago I was honored with an invite to take the world famous “Zappos Headquarters” tour in Las Vegas. An avalanche of blog posts have been written about the tour from many different perspectives and I can confirm …
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Tuesday, Sep 09, 2009

The Five Questions you need to answer before starting a business.

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So far in my not so short life I have started four companies on my own. Out of the four, two have been pretty successful (in a ridiculously low standards kinda way) and two were pretty forgettable…but having a .500 …
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Saturday, Sep 09, 2009

Everyone wants to save the Whales…I want to save the Blue Jays.

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I have written close to 600 posts on this here blog (579 to be exact) and one of my favorites, and according to my blog stats it is one of the most popular, is my post on how I would …
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