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Sunday, Feb 02, 2011

Do you remember where you were when SuperBowl ads became irrelevant?

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This Master Locks ad is the first Super Bowl ad I can remember. For whatever reason my memory thought David Horowitz (from Fight Back with David Horowitz) was in the ad but I guess not. 

Anyway I can remember going to school the next day and checking my locker to see if I had a Master Lock because I assumed that there people would try to shoot my lock off to get to my stuff. 

My personal story of marketing manipulation aside, It used to be that the buildup to see Super Bowl ads was akin to that of a royal wedding. You knew they where going to be grand and spectacular but you still waited in anticipation and devoured the content, analyzed and discussed them for days, and in recent years we would watch them over and over online for days later. 

Then VW changed it all.  

This commercial titled “The Force” is cute, funny and speaks to a few different generations but the fact that they made a great TV ad isn’t what this is about. The real issue is the VW ignored the unspoken Super Bowl Commercial embargo and released the commercial via the Internet a week before the game. 

So far they have 12 million + views (more eyeballs then most sitcoms) on YouTube, lots of Internet chatter but more interestingly, they changed the game. 

I say this because  It isn’t hard to believe that in a few years people won’t be spending Super Bowl ad rates when they can just release “Super Bowl” style ads around this time of year. 

VW proved that customer expectation is that this time of year, or this week is when new commercials come out…and they also proved that people love good commercials and are open to new forms of distribution, even ones where they don’t have to sir through 4 hours of a sporting event they probably don’t care about. 

*writen on my phone so please pardon any typos and formatting issues*

  1. I also noticed that Chevrolet posted ALL of their Super Bowl commercials to You Tube last night, making tonight’s airing of five different spots relatively impotent.

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