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Sunday, Mar 03, 2008

Selling Ice to Eskimos…..when they least expect it!

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As some of you know, I spent a bunch of years in the comic book industry and the biggest problem/complaint I would here from other publishers is that it was hard to get people to notice you….or to get them to try your books instead of the tried and true Spider-Man, Batman books.

I used to spend a bunch of time figuring out solutions to this problem and think I finally have it. (and with a little imagination, this can apply to just about any product or service)

Ya ready?

Sitting down?

Stop trying to sell Comic Books (or whatever) to Comic Book Fans!

Sounds simple huh?

Makes perfect sense…right?

Maybe I should explain.

For years and years I traveled all around North America going from Comic Book Convention to Comic Book Convention and while this was some of the best times I have ever had I realize now that I was wasting my time competing with Batman and the likes. Looking back I would have been better off going to places where comic book people hung out but where I could be the only one there.

This was never more apparent to me then this past week while I was attending SXSW. 7500 tech geeks (of which I am one) in one place. I am willing to bet a bunch like/love comic books and not one publisher in the place. With some clever planning I could have probably converted more people in this environment then I usually did at major comic book convention with 50,000 attendees.

Handing out books (or digital versions) at such a place would probably be a better investment then a major comic book convention because people would see this as something different and would also act as a distraction from all the “work” related stuff they will be getting from others.

….and like I said, this doesn’t just apply to comic books. If I was a band and was preforming at SXSW I would get there a week early (during the film and interactive festival) and work that crowd before all the other bands hit town.

I could go on and on with examples of ways to work non-traditional audiences for your products but think it would be best if you came up with them on your own.

Or you could just email me and I will be glad to help!

  1. Pretty smart thinking. And that is the key. Most people don’t even think about how to market their comics. They just produce them, and show up at the con. And that is all the thought that goes into it.
    I don’t 100% agree with the music analogy, but it is still a pretty good idea.

    Keep ’em coming.

    Josh Dahl

  2. Hey Josh,

    My music concept was a part idea. What I meant to say is to follow the same pattern and go where you can “own” the attention. I keep using SXSW as the example because it is so fresh in my mind but….a band will get only so much attention during the music festival since they are competing with REM and NERD and LOU REED etc etc etc but at the film and interactive festival they can be rock stars since there is no one else to say they are not. Speaking personally I would have loved to stay for the Music festival but since SXSWi was the final stop on a two week business trip I needed to head home and see my kids….that being said if someone gave me a CD from a band at the music festival I would’ve checked it out because it would have been different and stood out from all the tech stuff I was being given.

    Still not sure if I am explaining myself perfectly but it seems to make sense to me!

    Thanks for reading the biog Josh!

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