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Sunday, Sep 09, 2007

Shopping stories!

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Hey y’all,

So I have been blogging a bit too much about department stores and such recently and I should be able to spill the beans as to why soon but I wanted to share a cool experience I just had in a fancy pants department store that made me think there is hope for one of shopping’s great institutions.

I am blogging “live” and direct from an iPHONE in an apple store in beautiful downtown Buffalo and I gotta say real quickly that iPHONEs are the real deal. They are smaller/thinner then I imagined and are a real treat to play with……..I would buy one but since I live in Canada and they don’t work there I don’t have to fight the urge to spend the money.

Anyway my wife and I made the trip south to Buffalo so she could find some work clothes. She exhausted all her options at home and is looking for new trails to blaze. Our first stop was Macy’s and two things of note happened (one minor and one major). First thing was I got kicked out of the ladies fitting room because well I am not a lady (even though I am very sensitive). I was in the fitting room because I usually accompany my wife since it make things easier for me to tell her how she looks from the male perspective….and I like to watch her undress and dress etc. Well the sound of a mature male voice in the fitting room caused some of the other ladies to feel……perhaps left out of the fun and complained that I was there.

PLEASE NOTE* I was on a completely closed change room (no curtains) with my wife and no shenanigans were going on. Her and I were talking about her clothing choices and that was it….no lovin’ or stuff like that.

SO anyway the cashier lady asked me to step out and I did without making a scene and sat on the “husband” chair outside the fitting room only to be told that if I didn’t mind could I wait a little farther away as the lady who complained did not want a confrontation.

Again I did as asked without making a scene since I am “not that guy”.

After my wife was done we went to another section to look at different stuff and then we checked out. At the checkout (this is a different employee then the one that asked me to leave the fitting room) the Cashier asked us if we were from Canada (Buffalo is a border city so a big chunk of shoppers could be from either side of the bridge) and did we know about the Macy’s International discount.

Ya see Macy’s offers an 11% discount to people who can prove they ain’t from around these here parts. We gladly accepted the discount and I was very impressed that in two very different incidents (both involving me somehow) that the employees went out of their way to help their customers and offer help and assistance.

This may seem like nothing and them just doing their job but it really proves that when people like their jobs and make an effort they have a positive effect on your experience with their product or service


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