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Thursday, Jan 01, 2009

Some POWerfull advice and the art of Surprise!

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Every now and then I will write about my Dad on this here blog. I love my Dad and am lucky because he has imparted a lot of interesting wisdom on me.

One of the two best things he told me that “Jealousy is a wasted emotion and you shouldn’t spend your life comparing yourself to others”

Makes perfect sense and it is something I have taken to heart and is really the way I live my life. I am however not 100% free of jealousy because I am a little jealous of my friend Andy Nulman. I could go on and on about his career or his famous friends but the thing I really admire about him are his ideas.

His most recent gem is a brilliant way to promote his new book, POW! Right Between the Eyes: Profiting from the Power of Surprise, that is coming out in a few months.

Ya see he is giving away 200 free copies to anyone with a blog that asks for one!

Knowing Andy as I do I know there is more to this than he is letting on so I encourage anyone who is interested to jump on this offer!

Click here to read the deal right from Andy

I would be all over this myself but was fortunate to read an advanced digital copy. The book is so inspiring and my favorite chapter was the one I wrote all about me. That chapter isn’t in the real book but since my copy was digital I took some liberties 🙂

…and in case you were wondering what the second piece of advice my Dad gave me, it was that cereal is delicious!

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