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Friday, Sep 09, 2007

Something Cool happend because of this here blog.

Got friends? If so, sharing is caring -->

I made a friend.

This may seem like not much but like a lot of people who blog their little hearts out you sometimes wonder if anyone out there is connecting to what you are writing about. My site stats tell me that a lot of people read my writing but are they digging it? I know that I personally read a lot of sites out of routine that I am not really interested in anymore……. but I am kind of getting off topic!

Through the power of the interweb I started a conversation with another blogger who I admire and respect very much and through the power of the real world we met last night for a drink and had a pretty cool chat about life, books, business and stuff.

On my ride home it got me wondering if other people still make the effort to meet in the real world. I admit that I am more likely to share more intimate details of my life online because my “brain filters” seem to work differently when you are looking at someone….and I am sure a lot of people don’t meet up with folks because they may run into Chris Hanson but as much as you can enjoy someone’s company online there is something to be said about sitting back and having a real world conversation.

This experience got me thinking of why I blog and i came up with these reasons:

-I needed a forum for my thoughts and ideas
-I enjoy writing and what point is there to not share
-I have an inflated ego and feel people care what I say
-I needed a place for every girl who said “no” to me in High School to see what they are missing out on (and sadly it ain’t much)
-I suffer from low self esteem and need people to tell me I am wonderful 🙂
-but most importantly I thought it would be a cool place to interact with folks of like minds and shared interests………..and that happened last night over a Coke (the drink) in a hotel bar.


  1. I know the feeling Saul. I live very happy life with my wife and 2 years old daughter and happy to stay at home and make friends online. Human relationships are mainly about exchanging ideas and views. this can be done online very well.

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