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Sunday, Mar 03, 2008

Something that poped into my head while attending the ICE08 Conference

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In my opinion there are four reasons people go to conferences.

1-To learn things
2-To catch up with old friends
3-To meet new ones and network like crazy
4-To possibly make out with people from the same or opposite sex and then never see them again.

I fall in the 1-3 category but could probably be convinced on #4 🙂

Anyway while attending ICE08 this past week I was struck with an idea on how to make people like me who are interested in networking like crazy have an easier time with it…..and before I get into my idea I should say that this is in no way a complaint about ICE08. I thought this conference was incredible and Michelle Perras (and others) did a fantastic job organizing and running this event. My idea is more a general one in response to all conferences etc.

So as someone who tries to speak to everyone attending the conference (and I am sure I am not the only one) I have always been surprised by Conference/Trade Show badges. Traditionally they have the persons name large and the company name small. Now I like to know who I am talking to so I can offer up a relevant story whenever possible but to read the company name on these badges you need to stare at the persons chest for far too long…..and if it a lady you are speaking to….well you can imagine the impression you leave when you are staring too long.

I would love to see badges have the first name of the person you are talking to in a HUGE font with the last name small and then the company name HUGE and the title small. Heck I would even go further and say badges should be 3x the size they currently are.

Yes this idea is really just to make my job easier and possibly allow me to achieve the designation of MASTER NETWORKER but I can see it being helpful to others as well!

Let me know what you think.


  1. I agree! Maybe they should give us t-shirts instead. 😀

  2. Should Sexual Orientation and status be included on the badge as well to facilitate point #4?

  3. Hi Rannie and Guin,

    Thanks for commenting!


    Love the T-Shirt idea…but then again maybe I just love free t-shirts!

    Rannie – My belief is that if the conference is far from home and there is enough booze involved then most people are the same orientation…or at least can be convinced of that.

    Not going by first hand experience just saying what I have seen 🙂

  4. I once went to a conference where they gave us hats with our first (or chosen) name on the front. Seriously. It was super awesome, because you could see who was coming from far away… =)

  5. lol – in truth i think there should be no stinkin badges at all. i’ve been to conferences where he badges aren’t adequately sized, and those where the badge has been bypassed alltogether. what a relief to us go p and start chatting with someone *without* knowing their company ahead of time. makes you really connect!
    glad you had a great time at ice08, and thanks for the kind words!

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