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Sunday, Jan 01, 2011

I apologize in advance for telling you how to run your life.

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Last week I was catching up by phone with a good friend and she commented that she thinks it is ridiculous when social media bloggers try to give advice on running your life. I agreed and shook my fist in the air and swore never to write one of those posts. A few days later I was in a cab with another friend on a rant and he insisted I re-create my rant in the form of a post…so I did and guess what? I ended up writing one of those “How to live your life” blog posts.

So anyway, enjoy the post, take it with a grain of salt as I have no right to tell you what to do….and it was way longer and more animated in the back of the cab.


A lot of people speak of following your passion as a way of finding happiness (monetarily and otherwise) and guess what…I’m not here to say this isn’t true (because I am not an absolutist) but I am going to offer another viewpoint on why this may be really bad advice.

“If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life”

I assume you have all heard that expression before and I have to say it has some merit but common sense says you need to love what you do because if you hate your job, you will hate yourself, and this could lead to you hating your life resulting in you pretty much being a drag to be around, and possibly a regular visitor to your local methadone clinic.

It has become popular to suggest to people that you should transform your hobby into a career. This is an interesting notion, but if you no longer have a hobby then what do you do to blow off steam from normal work frustrations…and furthermore what if your hobby is working with overage retired swimsuit models looking to transition into real estate? Perhaps not the most commercially viable and profitable endeavor, and certainly not something you should leave a good job to pursue on a whim,  and that is kinda the point. You need to love what you do because work is how you are going to spend most of your waking moments and having passion for your job is a differentiator, but you also need other things in your life like hobbies and interests so you can have interesting things to talk about online.

I recognize that my last couple posts have been a little strong minded and bordering on preachy so after I get this off of my chest I promise my next blog post will be about a puppy or a cupcake or something just to balance things out.
  1. I think this is easy to say for people who run their own business. But to expect an employee to do the same is a little harder.

    Generally speaking, its easier for me and you to love what we do because we have chosen this crazy path. People seldom choose the jobs they have. The job chooses them.

    That’s enough philosophy for the day.

    Stay warm!


  2. Am I on an island? I love the preachy tone… Keep it up, it cuts far more deep.

    • There has to be a commitment to working whether one likes, loves, is passionate or not. We have days where we are only passionate about staying in bed and it is the obligation that gets us out.

      Initially for the self employed passion may have driven us. For people in traditional businesses and employees their passion may be different on some scale. They are focused on the success of the whole, for example. They also may have thier own goals performance in relation to the whole. They dont’ get the same type of ‘say’ when being an employee rather than the owner creator or chief magician.

  3. I see no problem with your approach… Great stuff again.

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