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Photos from the Drupal Conference in San Francisco, CA 2010

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2010

You have heard me type, now hear me talk!

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I was told as a small child that I wasn’t one to sit still for too long unless the TV was on and in all honestly not much has changed…so since there are no TV’s near me I figured it was time to hit the road and meet some folks, work from the road and get inspired.

This is the genesis of my 10 stop, 8 city, 3 country mini speaking/not speaking tour. Here is where I will be and I hope you (yes, you) will be near by and come out and say Hi!

November 10th – StartupCamp Waterloo (Waterloo, Canada)

November 13th – IndieConf (Raleigh, NC *Not Speaking, just attending)

November 14th – customer invite only dinner & Talk – (Washington, DC)

November 15th – customer invite only dinner & Talk – (Philadelphia, PA)

November 16th – Refresh: Richmond – (Richmond, VA)

November 18 – DigitalFlashNYC: Fireside chat with Saul Colt – (New York City)

November 24th – Secret Corporate speaking thingie – (Toronto)

November 29th – Real Estate Marketing Summit – (Toronto)

December 2nd – #BrandsConf – (New York City)

December 10 – Feira Musica Brazil Festival – (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

December 13-31st – Collapse on my couch and grow a Beard.

  1. Saul, I am really disappointed that you don’t appear to be coming to Fernie, BC.

  2. Enjoy D.C.! (well, and everywhere, but I’m partial to where I live). Need any recommendations for anything in the city? I don’t believe in babies but I might be able to recommend some places to find women to impregnate.

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  4. I hope to track you down one of these days. The family is on vacation next week, but I hope to catch you on your next swing through NYC.

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