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Tuesday, Sep 09, 2010

Media Bistro “The New Customer Service” Course

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I am going to be in New York on October 6th to teach a course on “The New Customer Service”. The information is below and please consider coming if this is something that interests you.

Title: Media Bistro “The New Customer Service” Course
Location: University Settlement, 273 Bowery (at E. Houston), New York, NY 10002
Link out: Click here
Description: With new media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, getting customer feedback is no longer optional. Listening to your customers — online and otherwise — will give your brand real staying power.

The success of powerhouse companies like Apple, Amazon, or Zappos is in their ability to use communication to build a community. In this 3-hour seminar, you’ll learn how to establish and expand your own brand community with honest, direct customer service. We’ll discuss why active listening is the first step toward establishing your brand identity, how to build a loyal base, and why proactive responses are the key to a sparkling reputation.

Learn why paying attention to the little things can make a world of difference to your customers, how to optimize monitoring of the public conversation around your brand, and review proven techniques for facilitating customer queries online. We’ll also discuss how to respond to public criticism with grace and efficiency.
Start Time: 6:45pm
Date: October 6th, 2010
End Time: 9:45pm

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