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Photos from the Drupal Conference in San Francisco, CA 2010

Sunday, Nov 11, 2009

Ted Williams, Frozen Heads, Colt45 Malt Liquor, My Speaking Tour. Confused? You wont be after reading this…

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When I was much younger I used to live and breath all things baseball. I connected with baseball because I loved the stories and the personalities of the game and now as I get older I realize I have a lot in common with Ted Williams.

Ted hit over .400 for the Red Sox, I hit over .400 for my High School Baseball Team

Ted wore #9, I wore #45 (still wondering why I never got a Colt45 endorsement deal)

Ted has been decapitated and cryogenically frozen somewhere in Arizona….OK so maybe we are not that alike except for one thing.

I always loved the story about Ted Williams and his lifelong dream to have people say to themselves as he left any room….

“There goes the greatest hitter in the world”

I feel the same way as Teddy Ballgame on this one but my years of playing professional baseball are behind me so instead of that I am hoping people will come see me speak and say to themselves as I leave the room

“There goes the best speaker on the topics of Maketing, Social Media, Customer Service, Entrepreneurship and Community Building in the world and I don’t mind if he was looking at me from the stage like I was a plate of delicious BBQ because I got so much information from his talk that I am now inspired to do something great”

But to make this happen you are going to have to come and see me speak….and lucky for you I am going to be in the following cities between now and the end of the year. Montreal, Toronto, New York, Boston and Chicago. See below for more info and please please please support the fine people who have invited me to come and be with all of you!

Sproutup Montreal
November 17th at Brutopia in Montreal

The amazing folks at have invited me to speak in three cities with them in the next month with the first being in Montreal. If you are not familiar with you should take a look as they are doing events geared to helping entrepreneurs as well as thier online collaberative tool that was just written up on Please RSVP if you can come out!

Impact National Conference

November 20-21st at the Westin Harbour Castle Hilton (Toronto)
I am super excited to speak at this conference as the majority of the attendees will be students either finishing up college/university or entering their last years. I will be speaking about Entrepreneurship and ask the students to look inside themselves and see if they have entrepreneurship characteristics in them and if they do I will advise them to drop out of school and start a company. Should be an interesting day!

Canadian Women in Communications

November 25th, 2009 – Webcast
Details on this are still being worked out as far as content of my talk but I said yes without hesitation because I thing this will be an interesting group of folks to pal around with.

Media Bistro Panel – Social Media and the Customer: Focus on Community Management
December 8th at Comix in New York City

Exactly a year (and a day) earlier than this talk I had the pleasure of speaking for MediaBistro on a Social Media panel with Tony Hsieh, Craig Newmark, Lynn Johnson, Jeff Howe and Thor Muller and I am overjoyed to be invited back for the sequel to that original talk. This time around the all female panel will be made up of myself, Valeria Maltoni, Amber Nasland and Shirley Bradley and I guarantee it will be informative and talked about to till at least the end of the year!
Rsvp to attend here!

Word of Mouth Supergenius Conference

December 16 – Chicago
I will be talking to a group of Supergenius’ to be on how to create offline chatter and unlike many talks I give where I rely on my good looks and charm and speak about how wonderful I am and what I have done in the past I have been asked to speak here about the future and create a step by step formula that people will take away with them so there can be a “little Saul” in a whole new group of offices all over America. This is going to be a great event and if you are interested in coming you can use the secret code “Saulismyhero” to get a $101 discount on the cost of the course and a hug and kiss from me on the day of the event. For more information on this event please click here
I hope to see some of you at these events and as always I appreciate you sharing your time to read my blog.

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