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Thursday, Feb 02, 2011

I won a fancy award. Here is my acceptance speech.

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There are moments in people’s lives that change you and make you who you are or determine who you can be. For me that moment came January 31st, 1982. I was sitting on my parents couch in my childhood home when I saw something that to this day I have never forgotten.

Season 5 Episode 16 of CHIPS one Erik Estrada stood on a stage before at least 50 people and sang the song Celebration for no real reason and through that performance I learned that dreams can come true.

Now I never wanted to be a motorcycle cop or sing Cool and the Gang songs for feather haired strangers but I, like Erik Estrada, enjoy the occasional validation and recognition from peers. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned last evening that I had been awarded one of the 25th Annual Marketing over Coffee awards.

I have been named by the fine folks at Marketing Over Coffee the 2011 Smartest man in the World. I see this as a lifetime achievement award of sorts or maybe it is like how Denzel Washington won an oscar for Training Day when he really should have won it for Malcolm X but either way I am honored…so honored that I wrote an acceptance speech.

For those who don’t know who Ms. LittleFeather is.

  1. Awesome! Right up there with the time we found out Erik was a Karate Master!

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