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Wednesday, Oct 10, 2010

The new/old Gap logo didn’t stop me from buying Jeans.

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I bought a pair of Jeans last night at the Gap.

Now If you are internet savvy you are probably asking yourself how I could possibly enter that store in light of all the chatter about them changing their logo without consulting the nice and hardworking people who populate social networks etc.

For those of you not in the know, The Gap decided to change their logo and the internet exploded with people expressing their absolute dislike of the new look and like all good internet phenomenons (or memes for you Kool Kids) it spread like polio and became a major topic of conversation.

It seems that the pressure became too much for the nice folks at the Gap (or perhaps this was the plan all along *cough*NEW COKE*cough*) reverted back to the original logo.

I have a couple of problems with this. First, did the new logo effect sales at all? because if the answer is no then that means that the people screaming the loudest are not customers to begin with and falling over yourself to please non customers can leave you with less time to treat your customers well resulting in less customers.

Secondly, It is a logo…on a wall…not on the clothes. The Gap clothes are reasonably unbranded so because you don’t like the logo will not make you enjoy or even appreciate the clothes any less or more. So why the outrage?

…and lastly, it is too bad that the Gap couldn’t figure out a way to ride this wave of attention and make it a positive through some self deprecating humor (Launch a campaign around how the Groupon deal was a hit and the Logo was not, that is what I would have done) instead of bending to the will of the internet because now they have shown where their pain threshold is and it isn’t hard to believe that people will not test them again.

All that being said/typed, you should really see my backside in my new Gap Jeans. I look like a young Bruce Jenner (pre plastic surgery)

  1. This has been a HUGE topic on the bolgosphere. I think you make some of the best points I’ve read so far. It’s just a logo! They haven’t changed the way they make their clothes, they are just choosing to re-brand. I am actually disappointed that they have chosen to switch back to the old logo.

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