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Sunday, Feb 02, 2008

The Saul Colt Valentines Day offer!

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Hi Y’all,

If there is one thing I want each of you, my loving readers, to know about me it is that I am all about the love.

I have so much love in me that I have enough for my loved ones and some to spare….so I am offering some of my overflow love this Valentines Day season.

Basically I am offering myself to me your Valentine. Doesn’t matter who you are (Female, Male, Tall, Short, mobile or shut in) I will be your Valentine!

I am sure you remember someone (maybe yourself) who didn’t get a lot of Valentines Day cards in school….Well I think everyone deserves to feel my love so…..

…….anyone who comments on this post (with an email address) or if anyone emails me directly saulcolt (at) gmail com will get a personally written loving email on Thursday and if you request it I will throw in some sassy/sexy talk to boot.

All at no charge!

SO why I am I offering this?

Because I believe the love you get is equal to the love you give…..and I love…….getting love.

So don’t be shy and send in those requests!


  1. Saul,

    Great Post. I’m expecting a pretty creative message from you on Valentine’s. Maybe something along the lines of why Nike hasn’t come out with a Valentine’s shoe? You’ll think of something!


  2. Thanks. You’re too sweet. And I’m LOVING the new profile pic. Nice!

  3. You’re too sweet. Thanks! And I’m LOVING the new profile pic. Nice!

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