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Thursday, Jun 06, 2010

The solution to the problems of Newspapers is simple…3D!

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Not a day goes by that my phone doesn’t ring and someone asks me for a solution of some kind.

Just yesterday I got a fax from one of the most powerful newspaper publishers in North America (true story….maybe, and really who sends faxes anymore?) and on it was one word….”Help Us”.
SO since I never back down from a challenge I offer you my solution to the Newspaper industry.

No not the visual explosion that is coming to a fancy new television near you but rather “3 Discussions”
The concept of 3Discussions is that as long as Newspapers continue to only show one side of a story (or one opinion or slant) the industry as a whole will not fulfill the unspoken promise of reporting a story.
My favorite way to explain this theory is by using my favorite movie critics Siskel and Ebert. Ya see, Gene and Roger made magic together because while they agreed with each other often, they still had different views and reasons to why a film made an impression on them and they were never afraid to offer dissenting opinions on something.
Major news stories, like blockbuster movies need different opinions in the same place and side by each. Every major story should have 3 ongoing discussions so people can choose who they identify with and how they want to consume any individual story. Continuing with this thought process, I have my own mind and will enjoy a film that a critic doesn’t necessarily enjoy and the same slant and bias can come through in reporting so instead of offering 1 slant I suggest offering 3!
I know I am probably rambling now but I have a joke I want to use so bear with me another paragraph or so.
I like Howard Stern, and I know he is not everyone’s cup of tea…and I know he makes some people hate tea (that is my favorite Andy Kindler joke…was it worth the wait?) but I can honestly say his coverage of major events like 911 spoke more to how I want to consume news then any major network. Big Media needs to offer these concurrent viewpoints and discussions and they may just find they can offer something interesting for everyone.
…and get a lot more people drinking tea.
See what I did there?
What says you?

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