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Monday, Feb 02, 2009

The thing Twitter is really good for is….

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People debate and analyze vigorously what exactly Twitter is good for.

Sure people love it and it serves a purpose…heck 8 million people can’t be wrong but what is it really best at?

I have witnessed people

Find a job

Find Love

or just

Make some cool friends but if I had to boil down the one thing it does better than anything else I can think of it would wave to be……wait for it…..a second longer….one more second….

Twitter creates those “It’s a Small World” moments.

Last week I was having dinner with a woman from the UK who I met through our blogs etc and while I had never met her in person before she told me at dinner “You know we have a mutual friend, right?” She then went on to tell me how she saw on my twitter stream that I had been in LA the week previously and went out for dinner with someone she knew and how she was connected to my friend.

This got me thinking of all the other “Small World” moments I have had on twitter and could fill pages of them from the time I made asked a cab driver in NYC to change his direction because I got a DM from a friend from Toronto through twitter to come have dinner with him to the time I got 25 restaurant recommendations to a Chicago restaurant in the matter of minutes.

This same thing applies to Twitter for business because never before has a company or its customers had so much access to the people inside and behind the brands they love (should the company choose to engage that is) and if you want to know how to win a customer for life the answer is simple…give them an “It’s a small world” moment.


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