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Thursday, May 05, 2008

This delicious beverage is brought to you by [Fill in your favorite company here]

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I haven’t been blogging much in the last month because I have been spending more time in airplanes and airports then in my (I want to say “Wife” because I think it is funny but she will be mad) own bed.

Because of all this travel I have been doing I was particularly interested in a news report that I heard today saying that airlines are doing all sorts of things to combat the high cost of fuel and one of the cutbacks are that a few of the airlines are going to stop giving out snacks and beverages on flights.

Air Travel has for a long time morphed into the “Greyhound in the sky” and is no longer the special experience it once was but to strip away the very last creature comfort is in my opinion a bad idea…especially when there are ways to make this a profit center.

Now I admit this is not a revolutionary idea but why don’t the Airlines give better snacks or return to the glory days of full meals and just sell this “experience” to an advertiser.

I can only speak for myself but I wouldn’t mind if I was treated to a nice sandwich and a cookie and all I had to do was hear the flight attendant say “This meal is brought to you by Nike” or you could even step it up a bit and give the meals out in a paper box similar to a Happy Meal with some branding on it for a blockbuster film or a show on HBO.

Removing value is easy, lazy and unnecessary. By following this simple step the Airline industry can take a small step into making flying an adventure again.

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