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Wednesday, Jun 06, 2007

This will be the biggest and best post in the world!

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Pardon my Trump like bravado in the title of this post but I figured it was appropriate since this post is all about “The Donald”.

I write about him every so often and am usually critical because I am actually a little sad at how he has morphed from a New York real estate legend to a guy that seems that he will let you put his name on any product as long as the cheque clears.

I think this bothers me as much as it does because I used to really like him and was always impressed by his ability to make deals. I have read every book he has written (except for the last one) and even took a course at Trump University (for me it was a waste of time since it didn’t challenge me and now it seems I will be spammed by them for ever) so I write this from a point of pseudo authority.

That being said….why am I writing about this now?

Well I was kinda taken back when I saw Mr. Trump on the cover of the Sharper Image Catalog pointing at a pile of steaks with an exaggerated smile the way Stephen Colbert points at his friends in pictures.

When a building has the Trump name you can make an assumption of the skill and attention to creature comforts that went into the building. What does the name of a builder or celebrity on a bunch of meat through the mail say?

….and on that note why are people buying meat through the mail? I know Omaha Steaks is a huge company and the steaks are apparently very good but so are the steaks at my local butcher shop and I don’t have to wait for UPS to bring them to me.

I think the core of this post is that I wish people would do what they do best and not dilute their own brand. What is wrong with being the best at one or two things instead of being mediocre at several things therefor making the few things you are really great at not important anymore since everyone remembers the silly stuff like TrumpICE (water), Trump Vodka, Trump Air, Trump Suits and lets not forget the Trump Doll.

Come to think of it…..I want a Saul doll so I shouldn’t talk about that one!


P.S. You have to check out the personal message from Trump and hear him talk about how him steaks are the single greatest thing since the wheel

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