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Sunday, Sep 09, 2010

Transparency will soon be replaced by invisibility.

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I get a lot of calls from Head Hunters looking to fill roles. They always ask me who the “hot person” is right now in Social Media and who would I recommend for a great role etc etc. When this happens I usually do two things, first I ask why I am good enough for a recommendation but not for considerations (they usually say they can’t afford me) and second I tell them to forget about the notion of a “hot person” and focus on what brand you like doing interesting things in the space because there are a huge number of people doing really interesting work who are not internet famous. One could even make an argument that the folks doing really interesting work don’t have time to obtain internet fame.

If you watched my video about Marketing in the Future then you know I believe that Transparency in Social media will soon be replaced by invisibility. I say this because I see a shift in the notion of Internet celebrity from a work perspective and Internet fame is going to be contained to the personal brand category because people should be far more interested in the idea or the campaign then who is pulling it off. One example is the Old Spice video campaign. Sure most people know it was the agency W+K but does anyone know a single person who worked on it?

By an old definition of community managers and social media practitioners this would be heresy and I am not saying that everyone is going to disappear because those using SM to bring their customers to real life events need real life people to meet them ect are doing it right etc and there will always be people like Scott Monty leading the charge for their respective brands but as the large agencies get better at this stuff and dive into it more I see the agency model of anonymity coming into play more and more.

…and if you are reading this and wondering if everyone goes invisible how will you land your next job, don’t worry, if you are doing amazing work people will find you…and if they don’t I will tell the head hunters about you when they call me and don’t offer me the gigs.

I would love to hear what you think about this idea and if you haven’t checked out my video about this stuff I invite you to check it out!

So, What says you?

  1. I agree and know many talented, people who have done amazing client work behind the scenes, often work they’re not allowed to talk about.

    As for you getting calls from headhunters, they probably are looking for you to take the bait. 😉

  2. “no time to be famous on the internet”


    ” looking at brands you like, doing interesting things”

    always felt this way; loved hearing it coming at me today

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