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Tuesday, Mar 03, 2012

Wanna Change The World With Me?

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If you’ve seen me speak at conferences or read this here blog long enough you’ve been witness to my rantings about how people don’t understand what influence is and in fact it is far better to inspire people than influence them.

I am not back peddling on my belief at all and am in fact putting my belief to the test as I am hoping whatever voice I have with my audience (notice I didn’t say Influence) will inspire you all to help me with this very important cause that I am super passionate about and because really, I never ask for anything from you except love and respect.

As many of you know, I live and breath entrepreneurship and love it when people do their own thing. I mentor at three startup incubators and accelerators as well as coach, advise and consult many companies (some one person companies) on Word of Mouth Marketing and how to be great. Thing is its hard to be great and grow as a company if your clients don’t pay whats owed to you. This is why I am am partnered (as part of FreshBooks) with the Freelancers Union to help any way I can to get a very important bill, The Freelancer Payment Protection Act passed by the State Senate in New York.

The Freelancer Payment Protection Act was passed as a bill in the State of New York in June, 2011 and the next step is to get it passed in by the State Senate this June. To do this they require signatures (about 5000) to help them highlight the importance of this issue.

What can you do?

What you need to know about the Freelancer Payment Protection Act

The Freelancer Payment Protection Act (S4129/A6698) is legislation in State of New York that would help independent workers collect money from their nonpaying clients. The Assembly Bill passed in June 2011, and the Senate Bill is currently in the Labor Committee.

Who and how would it help?

Independent workers who work in New York State and expect to be paid more than $600 by a client. Independent workers whose clients haven’t paid them will be able to file complaints with the New York State Department of Labor, which will investigate the claim. Victims may be able to receive 100% of what they’re owed, plus attorney’s fees and interest on the amount owed.

Please help us by signing up for the campaign and sharing this post with your network.

[The amazing info-graphic is from Joe Caserto and parts of this post where originally posted on The FreshBooks Blog. It’s ok, I wrote it there too and want it to appear as many places as possible so re-post either post and tell your friends]

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