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Wednesday, Aug 08, 2007

Virtual Garage Sale! Please buy my Awesome Partners Desk!

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So I am looking to sell my super amazing fantastic HUGE two person Partners Desk. I have set up a listing on Facebook Marketplace and figured I would chat it up here as well

The listing is as follows:

This is your chance to own a piece of “Saul Colt” memorabilia. I am selling my Partners desk that I have had for over 15 years. Calling this a desk is an insult to it since it is closer to magic. In the 15 years I have loved this gigantic piece of carved wooden love I have sat at it to write 11 unproduced screenplays, 22 comic books, 2 business plans, one optioned adult film that still has not been filmed and many other wonderful things.
This desk has followed me around to many homes and while I have not made sweet sweet love on it I did get to “second base” with a pretty lady sitting on it.
These desks retail for over 2500 but since I am a “motivated seller” I am asking much less……and even throwing in a bunch of bonus items to sweeten the deal.If you buy my desk I will give you the option of taking everything that is currently in the drawers as well. As of now that would consist of the following
-Playboy Magazine playing cards
-a SSS COMICS t-shirt
-Two Lotte Burke “abs” workout dvds
-one Mark McGuire Bobble Head doll
– one “paid”stamp-assorted comic books I have written.
This is a serious offer and the desk is in great shape. There are a few scratches that add character
Please Note* This is a huge piece and would require a van or something to move it but it would be well worth it!
Please contact me if you have any questions at saulcolt gmail com

I also have a very ordinary solid wood “L” shaped desk in great shape that I would give up for $150 if anyone is interested… you can tell I am trying to go minimalist in my home.

p.s. The desk is not kept in my driveway…..that was just for pictures and no I never considered putting it up on”blocks”
  1. Are you willing to sell just the contents….ha!

  2. I have more desks with more treasures so if it is the contents you want drop ma a line and I will make you a goodie bag… a great price!


  3. A grabbag goodie bag? I want one how do we play this game? I know there will be a cost involved, but surprise shopping is one of my favorite things to do!

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