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Thursday, Apr 04, 2007

Wanna hang out with me tonight?

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Hi Y’all,

Anyone who is in the Toronto area can come hang out with me tonight (if you want) as I will be attending the “Elks Run” book release party at the Victory Cafe, tonight at 7pm.

All the info is below and if you come, make sure you say Hi!

Industry Night at the Vic
Host: The Beguiling

Start Time: Thursday, April 26, 2007 at 7:00pm

Location: The Victory Cafe, 581 Markham Street, Toronto

STRIPS LAUNCH Featuring Toronto Elk’s Run artist Noel Tuazon and Nick Cardy
editor Sean Menard

The Beguiling is proud to present the official Canadian launch of ELK’S
RUN, the acclaimed new graphic novel from writer Joshua Hale Fialkov, and
Toronto illustrator Noel Tuazon. Noel will be on hand for the event, giving a
brief presentation on his art and how ELK’S RUN was made, and its long road from
indy comic to completed graphic novel. Also on the bill for the evening is the
debut of the new biography of classic illustrator Nick Cardy by Toronto editor
Sean Menard.Both books will be available for sale at the event, and are on sale
at The Beguiling now.

INDUSTRY NIGHT is just a fun get-together for Toronto’s creative comics
community, and we’re hoping to make it more about book launches and networking.
If you make comics (or work around them, or even just wanna come out to a book
launch) come check us out


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