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Wednesday, Jun 06, 2008

Want to know the secret to getting a referral? Just ask!

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One of the most sought after things in marketing (WOM or Traditional) is a genuine referral. People beat them selves up to figure out how to get these treasured acknowledgments when the simplest way to get a referral is to just ask for one.

Yep, that is the scary genius secret.

…and if you need any further proof I would like to offer the court my Exhibit “A”

This is a card I was given at the airport in Washington DC this morning. Cornelius found me a cab and even went the extra step to make sure they took credit cards (something that very few taxi’s in DC do) As I was getting in to the cab I was asked to email his boss and tell them I was happy with his service.

I was happy AND I liked the idea of the card so I emailed and blogged about it.

…all because I got good service and was asked to tell folks!

  1. Saul!

    Your post reminded me of my first few days in life insurance sales training. We were told that the BEST way to receive a lead was: AAYSR. Ask And You Shall Receive! A friend also told me that timid salespeople have skinny kids!

    Have a great day in our in DC!


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