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Sunday, Mar 03, 2008

What I learned – March 2nd Edition – Knowing your Customer is Loving your Customer

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*Thoughts from the RV*

When we decided to venture out on this trip I had a feeling there would be some incredible experiences that I would stay with me for a long time. I knew they would come but I didn’t imagine they would come so early.

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I am fascinated by conversations. I love listening to them and I love participating in them. Meeting with FreshBooks users and local bloggers in a casual dinner setting has been an incredible resource and insight to my job and people that will effect how my future marketing efforts are executed. Talking with folks and realizing that you are touching these folks (figurativly and litterally) is as interesting and humbling.

On a similar note but sorta not really. Attending the Future of Web Apps conference was facinating. Listening to smart folks talk about where the web is going always invites new ideas in my big brain! One thing I didn’t hear from anyone was how the the real future of the web (and this is me speaking now) is to create real world relationships in a digitally connected world. Sending so much time with our customers on this trip has confirmed my belief that hearing about their fishing stories or about how they lived overseas in the Military etc is as important as knowing why they love your product or service….and I say this not because it is easier to close a sale with someone you are firends with but rather because if you know the person as a person and not just an account number you are more likly to work harder for them.

It is easy to forget the human element in business when people get bogged down with numbers and charts. People are never numbers and when you make a real effort to get to know then on a human level it may just make you better at your job!

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