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Tuesday, Apr 04, 2008

What is an online relationship worth?

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I have seen the future and the future is in Social Media!

I am sure that isn’t the first time you have been told or read that proclamation but I am actually hear to tell you that I have seen the Future and the Future is in Social Media…and I saw it in full force this past weekend in New York City.

Maybe I should explain!

While in New York I attended an amazing Breakfast hosted by Rohit Bhargava, writer of Personality Not Included. The reason for the Breakfast was so Rohit could ask a group of marketing and blogger types (all attending Blogger Social) what would be a great way to promote his new book. Many incredible ideas were passed along and the best would be executed on.

I would love to tell you the winning idea but I don’t want to scoop Rohit on this!

After the event, Shashi Bellamkonda and I spoke about the reason this was so interesting and we both agreed that it was the fact that here were 20 or so really smart people all offering up ideas and insights all for nothing…well OK there was free food but besides that there was no other compensation and we were all cool with that.

Yes, people were freely sharing ideas without any hesitation or intrepidation!

Just so I am finishing my thought here I should mention that these 20 folks are the type who in their day jobs would charge big money for their time and ideas but they were doing this for the fun of it and because for most of the people they have a relationship with Rohit that was formed by communicating online in some form.

This made me think long and hard about my connections on various Social Media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn and how I should probably be a bit pickier on who I connect with since my view of the value of an online relationship is very different then it was a few days ago.

Now you could assume that I’m saying that you should make a bunch of online friends so you have more people to take advantage of when you need help with something but rather I am saying you should make a bunch of online friends because the value of friendship is unmeasurable and you never know when you may need a little help with something…in the future.

I know, because I have seen it!

  1. Saul,

    I have no doubt that we’re each going to need to reach into that “goodie bag” of friends from time to time – what a joy to know that there is so much willingness to share and collaborate!

  2. Saul, I’m glad that Blogger Social gave us the opportunity to connect. This past weekend has also given me a lot to think about in regard to social media.

  3. Saul – it was great to meet you at Blogger Social and you had some brilliant ideas to share at the breakfast. You’re totally right about the power of building a network and how you really do have to rely on the friendships you have built when you are in a time of need (like, for example, in promoting a book). I did post the winning idea on the book blog at … so feel free to post about it now, and thanks for waiting.

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