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Sunday, Sep 09, 2007

Who do I have to sleep with to get one of these?

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One of biggest products of the year will definitely be the iPhone. With all the lines to get them and all the hysteria about it being a locked phone ect this could be the most talked about item for holiday gifts and just general demand. Well this post is not about the iPhone but rather another product that is about as hard to get……for me at least.

The Nike Hybrid Commuter Messenger Bag

Yes I know I shill for Nike too much but here is a critical post and not one of blind love so keep reading (please).

I need a new work bag and started looking around on the net one night and came across (by accident) the Nike Hybrid Commuter Messenger Bag.

I am far from a bag aficionado but this is a cool bag with lots of pockets (including one for my iPod) and a padded sleeve for my laptop. I just like it and figured I would pick it up……….except Nike wont sell me one.

When I called the to purchase the bag I was told I couldn’t get this…..I thought it was because I was such an evangelist for them that I was maybe getting a freebie (stranger things have happened) but instead it is because I was born 71 miles in the wrong direction.

Yes it seems the retail division of Nike doesn’t like Canadians (I say this jokingly but in fact it is kinda true) because will not ship any product in to Canada.

The next call I made was to a Nike Town store. While all the people were nice and respectful they still would not take my money and mail me a bag…… I called back to see if I could send the bag to a friend in the US and I would make arrangements to get it from him. They told me that they couldn’t take a Canadian credit card for a US purchase.

Anyone look at the value of the Canadian Dollar lately? We are a fraction of one penny from being at par with the US dollar. There is a very real chance that the Canadian Dollar will be superior to the US dollar in the coming weeks and months. If/once this happens Canadians will be looking to spend more money with US retailers as they will be able to enjoy the benefit of the exchange rate………This is what I was looking to do with this purchase.

Why would a global brand and ginormous retailer not accept a credit card from Canada? I understand that not all products are not available everywhere but I have owned online stores and I always got excited when I got a payment from Japan or Australia. I still consider the people working at Nike to be smart folks and I can’t imagine this is just an over site in some way so I would love to know the “official explanation” for not wanting my money…..because if I don’t hear otherwise I am going to spread the rumour that Nike discriminates against good beaver tail eating, maple syrup making, hockey watching, snow shovelling, CBC listening, Potine lovin’ folk…..and I think that is wrong!

Wrong I tell you!

….and as far as this bag…….I still want one so if anyone in the reading audience wants to by me one I will reward you with something way more valuable then when Joseph Jaffe asked for an iPhone…..I will send you a money order for the full price of the bag as well as a signed (and personalized) picture of me (clothed or topless – you choose) as well as an autographed collection of books I have written!


p.s. and if anyone at Nike want to sell me this please contact me as I would be happy buy one directly 🙂


I got an email from someone asking what was so great about Canada and surprisingly he wasn’t joking about it.

I shouldn’t have to defend myself but I will. Canada has made MANY contributions to the North America way of life:

Blackberry (the smartphone not the fruit)
Basketball (invented by a Canadian)
Pam Anderson
William Shatner
Jim Carrey
SNL (created by a Canadian)
Seth Rogan (What? I like him)
and I can go on and on!

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