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Tuesday, Mar 03, 2009

Would you give up your Klondike Bar for a new friend?

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I had the honor of participating at the Refresh Toronto event last night and spoke to a packed room of people following the Pecha Kucha format of presenting 20 sildes for 20 seconds each on any topic you wish.

I had planned to give a quick lesson on building real world relationships from your online relationships but Erin Bury from Red Wire spoke on that subject just before me and did a great job, so I switched things up a little bit and just talked freestyle about another form of relationship building that I always have on my mind.

I am pretty proud of this short talk so please take a look and let me know what you think of it
My “Would you give up your Klondike Bar to make a new friend” presentation from saulcolt on Vimeo.

…also if you need further proof of what I was talking about take a look at this interview with my friend Becky Carroll from and Petra Consulting Group. Becky understands Customer Service as well as anyone out there and we all can learn a ton from her!
Becky Carroll (Customer shares thoughts on Customer Service! from saulcolt on Vimeo.

In closing, (I like to use that phrase cause it makes me sound like a Lawyer) and I am the last person to get all preachy but I hope you take a second to think about the messages in these videos because they literally could make you happier and more successful….and it is so simple to boot!

  1. Saul turned the typical definition of social media on its head last night, and spoke words I’ve been longing to hear without knowing it.

    In fine Warholian fashion, Saul won’t take credit for reproducing (although not mechanically) social interaction on an interpersonal level a million times over. He’ll just sit there and smile and say, “What can I do for you today? How can I help what you’re trying to do?”

    Here’s what I took away from his talk: honesty, sincerity, and just being a good person will take you far. Now the question is, “how can I help Saul.”

    Anything you need man, just let me know!

  2. Thank you for the kind words Max!

    Means a lot


  3. Saul, thank you for taking the time to talk with me at SXSW and for sharing that conversation. You and I completely agree – it is all about the relationships, especially offline! Thanks again – you rock!

  4. this was so simple and well-put. kudos. you make it sound so easy–i suppose because it is! thanks for reminding us of that.

  5. Wow – I found your post from a link on Becky’s blog. Haven’t watched her video yet but your philosophy is one I carry out working for a marketing automation software firm in Toronto. Just last week I was helping a customer who may be laid off find a job. Very inspiring and I will share your video with my team this week. Hope to meet you at a future TO event.

  6. The love cat way. This was what it was called by Tim Sanders in the book called: Love is the Killer AP. It Really does work to build stronger, deeper relationships. Also been called Givers Gain.

    More people should be preaching its use as in my opinion is the only what to do business and build deep trust based relationships.

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