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Wednesday, Apr 04, 2007

Ya ever love anything so much you wanted to get it pregnant?

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Well this is kinda how I feel about Cinnabon. I love these things. Just the small of Cinnabon’s Cinnamonny goodness makes me tingle in my bathing suit region. In fact when I ride the subway to work I can close my eyes and rest a bit but never miss my stop because one of the stations before mine has a Cinnabon and when you hit this stop the subway car fills with the smell of my little Cinnamon girlfriends and I know it is time to get up.

Reading this you would probably think I eat a lot of these delectable buns but in reality I only have one every month or so (I am trying to keep my girlish figure) but tonight was going to be one of those nights……until I saw something that kinda changed my mind……quick fast in a hurry.

So I am minding my own business in line listening to the Tony Kornheiser radio show on my Ipod getting all excited thinking of the sad fact that I am about to get my entire days caloric allowance when the person three people in front of me orders two cinnibons with extra icing and asked that they cover the buns in hot caramel sauce.

No big deal so far.

The guy was wearing a super cool Toronto Raptors hat that I had never seen before I watched him take his buns to the sitting area and that is where it happened…….this guy took his two Cinnabons with all that extra icing and caramel and proceeded to mash them together so he could eat the two buns at the same time “Hamburger Style”. I have seen a lot of stuff in my life (live sex show, midget wrestling, several side show/freak shows) but this was so odd and interesting and nauseating that not only could I not look away but I also lost my appetite. The visual of icing and caramel running down his face and fingers will forever be burned into my brain and I think from this point forward I am no longer going to be able to in good faith dab a little cinnabon icing behind my ear to attract the super hot girls without thinking of what I saw today.

I only hope that when I fantasize about “sharing” a cinnabon with whatever celebrity I am fantasizing at that moment that I can keep this dude out of my daydream…..because that just would not be cool.


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