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Friday, Aug 08, 2007

YouTube is adding ads to content that is added in addition…….

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OK so the title of this doesn’t really work. I was trying to see how many times I could use the word ad or ads or anything close to it but kinda fell short of the finish line. Additionally, If only I had added some thought to this I may have had a better outcome

(geeeeez talk about beating a joke to death)

The interweb is all a buzz with talk of Google placing ads on Youtube videos. Sure this will make viewing them more time consuming and I will probably not stick around for as many videos as I once did if I am seeing the same commercials over and over but I still am not against the idea all together.

What I am against is boring commercials made for a YouTube audience………to avoid this I have an idea (I always seem to) and since my name is on this here little blog I am going to share it with you.

Keeping the spirit of what YouTube is all about I am suggesting that companies let the passionate “YouTubers” develop and shoot the commercials for the new YouTube!

YouTube (for me at least) isn’t about polished professional videos but rather cool home made videos with a mountain of character and fun.

I admit there will be little control over the outcome and that is a scary thing for a marketing exec but if a short “creative brief” is posted for people to play with I think you can get the occasional piece of gold like this “unauthorized” Ray Ban Sunglasses video


This would go a long way to keeping YouTube authentic and allow people to become even more connected with the brands they love.

Now I know UGC or CGC is not new and I didn’t invent it but in this case it is not only a natural fit but the only fit/option.

Of course I have been wrong once before 🙂


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