My name is Saul! I'm an award winning Word of Mouth Marketer, Professional Speaker on the subjects of Social Media, Customer Service and best of all... Word of Mouth. I collect Air Force One sneakers and think you should hire me... (as a consultant) to teach you how to get your company doing interesting things!
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Photos from the Drupal Conference in San Francisco, CA 2010

Monday, Jul 07, 2016

When contracts end you look back once, then only forward.

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11 months ago I sat across a board room table from Ben Zifkin, the CEO of Hubba. I can remember it like it was yesterday, Ben was wearing his trademark blue button down and I was wearing some thing equally …
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Thursday, Mar 03, 2016

I’m Working on a TV show and here is a look at my on screen charisma.

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If there is one recurring theme in my life it would be that I am busy, and sometimes it is with actual cool stuff. When that is the case my ego reminds me that I should share with you all. …
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Tuesday, Oct 10, 2015

Why I turned down a 200k a year job, and who won #winsaul

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I don’t want to repeat myself too much on the whole #winsaul thing so if you want to know more about that before reading on, click here and here. Today is not about looking backward. Only forward. I can say without …
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