My name is Saul! I'm an award winning Word of Mouth Marketer, Professional Speaker on the subjects of Social Media, Customer Service and best of all... Word of Mouth. I collect Air Force One sneakers and think you should hire me... (as a consultant) to teach you how to get your company doing interesting things!

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Photos from the Drupal Conference in San Francisco, CA 2010

SAUL! – The Idea Integration Company

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round logoSaul Colt – The Idea Integration Company is a boutique Word of Mouth and Non Traditional Marketing company specializing in online and offline experiences, branding/communications, social media and video production.

Like most great companies, they are formed on an idea or a great story and Saul! is no different. Saul! was formed because it’s founder is a thought leader in Word of Mouth Marketing and wants to see his ideas out in the world as well the company exists so his father would have somewhere to go everyday and read his newspaper.
Clients we have or are currently working with:



FreshBooks Ziplocal Upstack ChickAdvisor Just For Laughs Ebay
When you hire Saul! (notice I didn’t say if) you are getting Saul!, and 7 of the best creative specialists working today. We’re not interested in selling you on ideas from the outside and walking away. We are like the houseguests that don’t leave because we come in and will be thinking more about your problems and executing solutions then anyone else and that is our value proposition. Email today to find out how we can help you!
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  3. How many times have you heard this, I have a great product but need some help in getting the word out? Well, I have so many places to go with this product that the decision I have is where does it make sense to go to go first.

    I’m pretty sure that you would be able to provide that answer. How do you work with small companies?


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