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Photos from the Drupal Conference in San Francisco, CA 2010

Wednesday, Sep 09, 2010

Marketing in 2011

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I like to day dream. Sometimes I am trying to solve the world’s problems and sometimes I am just wondering what it would be like to be loved by beautiful people. A few months back I spoke at LessConf 3010 in Atlanta (a really amazing conference BTW hosted by the great folks at LessEverything) and I gave a talk I called “Marketing in 2011”. I think a lot about the future of Marketing and here is an hour long talk on where I think it is going!

I love this talk (even though the rhythm is a bit off) so please give it a watch and let me know what you think in the comments.

…and if you can’t invest the time to watch it all here are some bullet points from it:

  • Involve your customers in everything.
  • Prepare for the favor based economy.
  • Do interesting things.
  • Spend an hour a day solving other people’s problems.
  • Practice all your future talks in correctional facilities.

Like what you see? Wanna hire me to speak at your thingie? Just ask!

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  2. I agree with most, but I’m a bit uneasy about Favor Based economy – so will the cycle turn on the friend network in which case the Edelman Trust Brometer will show that we don’t trust “people like me” because we’ve been peddling to our networks (not necessarily friends) ?

    or has this always gone on Saul, Chamber of Commerce was the ol boy network and now we’ll all ol’ boys and girls online.

    Talk to you soon.

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